Erin and Bryan

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Bryan and Erin met in July of 2019 in Washington, DC. Their first date was at Barcelona Wine Bar, where they sipped sangria and talked for hours on a muggy summer evening.

Shortly after, they realized that Bryan was very close with one of Erin's childhood neighbors who had also moved to the DC area; he had visited not only the small town where she grew up but also the very street. This connection furthered the new relationship, and before long the pair were meeting each other's friends, going on urban adventures around DC, and making plans to meet family.

While the past several years presented many challenges for everyone, they also brought Erin and Bryan closer and made clear that together, they can navigate anything that comes their way. The couple remained in DC, working from home together and taking long walks through every neighborhood in the city limits, sampling way too many takeout spots and coffee shops.

In November 2021, Bryan surprised Erin by proposing on a Wednesday evening at Georgetown Waterfront Park at sunset.

We are truly honored to welcome you to Washington, DC to celebrate with us as we take this important next step in our lives.